About Forged with AI

Welcome to Forged with AI, a blog that has been crafted to help you discover, learn, and build by leveraging Artificial Intelligence.

Forged with AI is more than just a simple blog. It's a comprehensive guide and your go-to resource, where we share codes, scripts, and working solutions that have been carefully designed and "forged" with AI technologies.

Our blog explores various AI platforms such as ChatGPT, OpenAI API, Bing Chat, and Gemini, Claude, among others. We are passionate about providing you with a variety of resources that can help you not only understand these technologies but also create real-life applications using AI.


We share exciting content around AI, laying the foundation to stimulate your creativity and innovation. Dive deep and discover what’s possible with AI.


'Forged with AI' is a platform of learning where we decode complex AI concepts in simple, layman's terms. Our aim is to make learning AI absolutely straightforward and fun.


Our blog is not just about learning; it’s about building. We inspire you to play around with AI technologies, create your own mini-projects, and share them with the world.

Forged with AI signifies the crossing paths of AI and craftsmanship — It’s where imagination meets innovation. We welcome you to be a part of this journey with us. Explore, learn, and help us build the future of AI together.