Outline Extractor for ZimmWriter (SEO Blog Format Ready)

Effortlessly Extract and Format Webpage Outlines for ZimmWriter

Outline Extractor for ZimmWriter (SEO Blog Format Ready)

Hello, AI enthusiasts! Today, I’m excited to share a handy bookmarklet that will undoubtedly be of great assistance if you’re a ZimmWriter user. This simple yet powerful bookmarklet, created using AI, helps you extract outlines from web pages with ease.

Why This Bookmarklet?

In the vast realm of the internet, content is king.

The SEO Blog Writer in ZimmWriter is hand-down the best feature of the AI writing tool. It offers the ability to use your own outline for your articles for more granular control over the content's structure. Upon receiving your outline, ZimmWriter creates the article based on other parameters you have set.

ZimmWriter has a 'Copy from the Clipboard' option for those who want to use their own outlines. However, it requires a specific format to design your headline structure:

  • H2: No prefix

  • H3: Preceded by a single "-"

  • H4: Preceded by two "-"

That's where this bookmarklet comes into play. It seamlessly extracts outlines from web pages and formats them properly for ZimmWriter so that you can use them with the 'Copy from the Clipboard' option.

How the Bookmarklet Works

Let's dive into the mechanics of this bookmarklet:

  1. Scanning the Webpage: The bookmarklet begins by scanning the webpage for specific heading tags - H2, H3, and H4.

  2. Extracting the Headings: Once identified, it extracts the text within these tags.

  3. Formatting the Output: The extracted headings are then formatted according to ZimmWriter's SEO Blog Writer requirements.

  4. Copying to Clipboard: The formatted outline is then copied to your clipboard, ready to be pasted wherever you need!

The bookmarklet specifically targets and extracts content from the H2, H3, and H4 tags. If a webpage contains H5, H6, or other levels of headings, the bookmarklet will simply ignore them since ZimmWriter doesn't accept heading levels after H4 yet.

A Liberal Approach to Outline Extraction

One of the standout features of this bookmarklet is its liberal approach to extracting outlines. Instead of being overly restrictive and tied down to specific HTML tags or CSS classes, this bookmarklet scrapes the entire page. This ensures that it remains functional across a myriad of websites, irrespective of their underlying structure or design.

However, with this flexibility comes a small caveat. The bookmarklet doesn't differentiate between headings from the main content and those from other elements like related posts, widgets, or sidebars. This means that when you extract an outline, you might get a few extra headings that aren't directly related to the main content.

Given the liberal nature of this bookmarklet, here's a pro tip to get the most out of your extracted outlines:

  1. Paste First in a Text Editor: Before directly pasting the outline into ZimmWriter, it's advisable to first paste it into a text editor. This gives you a clear view of all the extracted headings.

  2. Trim the Excess: Easily remove any unnecessary or unrelated headings from the outline. This step ensures that your final outline is crisp, relevant, and ready for ZimmWriter.

  3. Finalize in ZimmWriter: With the refined outline in hand, you can now paste it into ZimmWriter's SEO Blog Writer for a seamless content creation experience.

The Bookmarklet Code

For the tech-savvy among you, here's the bookmarklet code that makes all the magic happen:

    var htags = [...document.body.querySelectorAll('h2, h3, h4')];
    var str = htags.map(el =>
        el.tagName === 'H2' ? el.innerText :
        el.tagName === 'H3' ? '-' + el.innerText : 
        '--' + el.innerText).join('\n');
    var tempElem = document.createElement('textarea');
    tempElem.value = str;
    alert('Headings copied to clipboard');

Installing the Bookmarklet

  1. Open the bookmarks manager or bookmarks bar.

  2. Choose to add a new bookmark.

  3. Manually enter the JavaScript I've provided above and a name like "Outline Extractor for ZW".

Using the Bookmarklet

  1. Visit a web page.

  2. Click the Bookmarklet.

  3. Once clicked, the bookmarklet will do its magic.

  4. With the outline now in your clipboard, you can paste it directly into ZimmWriter (not recommended) or a text editor to edit it (recommended).

Stay tuned for more exciting tools, codes, and scripts that we'll be sharing in the future. If you have any doubts or feedback, then feel free to post them in the comments section below.